Whole Brisket (not sliced)

Rack of Beef Ribs (3 bones)

Pork Shoulder (not pulled)

Turkey Breast (not sliced

Pork Ribs (3+ Racks)

Due to the nature of barbecue, and the time that it takes to cook all of our offerings, we may run out of certain items during the day.

We apologize in advance if we do not have what you came for. You may also call in advance to check availability 806-782-2281

Bulk orders

Please call us for a full service catering estimate

All prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Gluten Free options are available, all allergy information is available at the customers request















*Combo Plates*

Single Meat Combo          

Two Meat Combo             

Three Meat Combo          

Rib Plate  (4 bones)         


Chopped Brisket         

Sliced Brisket         

Pulled Pork             

Sliced Turkey         

*Meat by the pound*

Sliced Brisket                                              

Beef Short Rib (Per bone/lb)                       

Pulled Pork                                                  



*Pork Ribs*

Half Rack (6 bones)       

Full Rack                            

*Sides $2.99*

(Availability may vary)

Smoked Beans-Pinto Beans-Corn Bread

Potato Salad-Cole Slaw-Collard Greens-Green Chile Cheese Grits


(Availability may vary)

Chocolate Pecan Pie

Peach Cobbler

Texas Sheet Cake

​Coconut Cream Pie

Cheese Cake with Caramel Sauce

​Fresh Strawberry Pie