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Why are we only open Wednesday-Saturday? 

Barbeque done right is a low and slow process, and never cooked ahead of time. Our work week begins on Monday when we take food delivery. Briskets and beef ribs are trimmed and seasoned on Monday in order to begin cooking on Tuesday (Each service day's meat requires an average of 8 hours' worth of prep). Briskets, pork shoulders, and beef ribs are put on the smokers at 1:30pm the day before they are served, these items cook for 12-15 hours. 


Will we be adding additional service days?

Our number one priority is providing consistently great barbeque, additional service days may be added when we are confident that quality will not be jeopardized.


Why do we run out of food so early and often?

Again, our highest priority is maintaining the highest quality, and most consistent product possible. As much as we want to feed everyone all day, it is not possible without reheating meats that were cooked at an earlier time. We typically feed 500-1000 people during lunch. 


Why is the service process so slow?

When whole meats are cooked, their quality rapidly decreases from the moment they are cut. A fantastic looking slice of brisket can oxidize within a few minute of being plated. For this reason, all of our meat is cut/pulled to order. 


What kind of wood do we use?

We use a mixed variety of oak woods for all of our cooking. Oak provides a very efficient heat curve, paired with a very mild smoke. Very rarely will good seasoned oak leave a pungent, bitter flavor on the meat.


Where do we get our wood?

We purchase our wood from Fire and Ice Firewood. They are able to consistently provide good, seasoned oak from central and east Texas. 


Do we cater?

We do offer catering. Most catering estimates are based on 1/2 lb of meat per guest. When inquiring about catering, we will ask for a preferred menu, number of guests, and whether or not food will need to be served on site, or picked up/dropped off.


Do we build smokers?

We hope to eventually starting building both custom cookers, and a few patio sized models again in the future!

Why are all of our offerings gluten free?

Arnis was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2010. Knowing the difficulty that comes with a food allergy, keeping things gluten free became a high priority when we had the opportunity to open our restaurant. Everything made in our kitchen/pit room is gluten free (sandwich buns and white bread are not gluten free). We also provide a large selection of gluten free desserts daily. Whole pies, cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, as well as custom-order gluten free baked goods, are also available. 


Do we sell whole pies?

We do, please call for more information and pricing for off menu items.


Do we sell whole briskets or other meats?

While we prefer whole brisket orders to be called in ahead of pickup, we do sell them on a daily basis. We hope to offer whole meats, chilled and vacuum packed in the near future.


Do we take call in orders?

We do take call in orders of $100.00 minimum. These orders must be placed 24 hours in advance. 


Do we allow BYOB?

BYOB is always allowed.


Do we rent the building out for catering and private parties?

The building is available for private party catering during off hours. Call for rates



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